Tuesday, May 7, 2013

NFL Star Player comes out of the closet…in new book, Football Games!

Football Games tells the story of a gay and closeted professional football player who is fighting against his own internal demons, and the pressure he faces on the home front from his boyfriend of 4 years.  This player must decide, if he will remain a successful and closeted football player, or blaze the trail of being the nation’s first openly gay NFL player.

As he struggles to keep his personal life private, his partner has other desires.  This is the tale of a hidden life style, jealousy, rage and whether or not a young superstar can overcome the challenges of being gay, black and living in the closet.

Recently, professional athletes in other sports have announced that they are openly gay or lesbian.  Professional football has been stigmatized as the most homophobic sport.  It appears to be difficult for some players and fans to seriously support a gay player, assuming he is not masculine or athletic enough.  In Football Games, can our hero change the stereotype?

Football Games is currently available on Kindle.  Paperback will be released soon.

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