Thursday, April 4, 2013

Book Excerpt: Is the star wide receiver for the Los Angeles Buccaneer Football team a player or getting played?

Well, when you are young, talented and admired, you have to watch your back.  You never know who is trying to take what you have.  Ask Brenton Freeman.

You can read his story very soon.  How do I know?  Because Michael Donovan Writes…

Here is an excerpt from my new book, Football Games

“So you want me to hold a news conference, come out of the so-called closet and tell the world that I’m in love with you.  Will that make you secure with my love?”

“Not exactly, but man…what is so wrong with that?” 

Jason was yelling again.  Brenton has said he finds Jason to actually be very sexy when he is mad.  When he looks at him, he sometimes wonders why he didn’t pursue a career in professional sports.  At six foot one and 185 pounds, Jason is a force on the basketball court, with a mean jump shot.  Brenton is definitely attracted to basketball player types. Jason works out as much as Brenton and his body is just as hard.  Jason’s body is what makes, defending him on the court, wrestling with him in their bedroom or making love with him after a good fight, so much fun.  He is that Chocolate High that India.Aire and Musiq Soulchild sing about.  He is successful in his own right, rising the ranks at Benington’s, a five-star restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel to become the executive chef.  Jason is not lacking in money, professional development or motivation.  Brenton loves that about him.

“There is nothing wrong with it.  And one day I’m going to do just that.  I’m going to scream to the top of my lungs that you are my man.” 

“Yeah, just not today.”  Jason acquiesced. 

“No, babe.  Not today.”  Brenton said softly.

Thanks for experiencing a small taste of the lives of Jason Hollowell and Brenton Freeman.  There is so much more to come as each of them learns how hard it can be playing Football Games!

Check back soon for our release date!  Thanks for the support.

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