Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why is it that homosexuality and professional sports have to be incompatible when there have to be gay athletes who are active in their sport?

What does former NFL player Kwame Harris have to say about that?

It is the opinion of some that professional football is the most heterosexist, yet homoerotic sport.  There is plenty of affection for teammates displayed on and off the field.  Chest bumps, flying leaps into each other’s butts or the encouraging pat on the backside.  All of these actions are perfectly acceptable within the fraternity of American football, but men are less than masculine (and heterosexual) if exhibited in any other context.  With all of the 6, 7 & 8 figure salaries, it makes one wonder if anyone has traveled to a country where physical affection among males is not only accepted, but also encouraged.  And if heterosexual males may show affection, why is affection amongst homosexuals so threatening?  According to news articles, Harris’ former team (San Francisco 49ers) and some former teammates were not concerned about his sexual orientation when he was outed earlier this year.  Now that he has spoken publicly about his sexuality, hopefully, others will deem a players’ sexuality insignificant in professional sports.


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