Sunday, April 7, 2013

The right to marry the same gender and the right to marry another race.

Why is it so hard to see these are two sides of the same human rights coin?

I enjoyed the interview of Brendon Ayanbadejo by Anderson Cooper about him being cut from the Ravens because of his LGBT advocacy (not true!) and the four pro athletes who ‘may’ be coming out in the near future.  Brendon is heterosexual man using his public and professional platform for LGBT advocacy. Anderson is homosexual journalist and talk-show host who does the same thing in a very different manner.  I have such respect for both of them in this regard.  However, the comparison Brendon made between the issue of race in marriage and gender in marriage was so illuminating for me. He made an important historical reference that many of us forget. In some ways, he is a physical manifestation of that reference. 

In 1967, the Supreme Court deemed the illegality of interracial marriage unconstitutional in the case of Loving v. Virginia.  Although both of my parents are African American, it is hard to believe that in the year of my birth (1966), marriage and/or procreation between black and white persons was against the law!  Thankfully, those anti-miscegenation laws were overturned.  Brendon’s handsome face is a reminder that love is love, irrespective of race or gender.  I am glad he is an advocate.  As he stated, someone else took the heat for racial marriage equality in the 1960s.  So his shoulders are broad enough to take heat for LGBT marriage equality.  Yes, Brendon, you definitely have a broad set of shoulders!  I’m glad they are strong enough for the gridiron and the court of public opinion.   Looking forward to following you next season with your new team!

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