Thursday, April 4, 2013

Way to go Magic!!!

I am proud to be a dad! I love my kids with all of my heart. I am glad they love me unconditionally as well. This became even more evident when I recently came out to them as a gay man. My sons live in the heterosexist world of sports (college and high school). This can be a deterrent; however, they took the news in stride and reaffirmed their love for their old man.

What I am so excited about is one of my sons’ sports heroes, Magic Johnson. He has recently come out as the father of a gay son. USA Today reported on Magic speaking openly about his love and acceptance for his son, E.J. (Earvin Jr). (There are 3 videos in this link, so be sure to view all three of them.) He went on to state, as a co-owner of a sports team, his job is to support and protect any player that comes out. Furthermore, by example, he and his wife, Cookie Johnson are giving other parents of gay children, permission (if you will) to openly love and support their children. One of the concerns that I have always had, especially as an African American gay Christian, is the lack of support experienced by Black LGBT people from the church community. This post is not the forum to discuss the theological interpretations and misinterpretations of the Bible as it relates to the issue of homosexuality. (I promise I will discuss the issue in future posts.) Magic stated that he and his wife attend church ‘every Sunday’ and still the Johnson household loves and support E.J. for who and what he is. That is all anyone can ask for.

Magic and Cookie Johnson, I have always loved and admired both of you. The manner in which you have handled and spoken out on this issue has pushed my support of you to another level.

God Bless you both!!!


  1. I love this! You couldn't be more spot on. Particularly regarding their love for their son and how that is intertwined with their Christianity and love for God. I look forward to your future posts regarding the "the theological interpretations and misinterpretations of the Bible as it relates to the issue of homosexuality". I believe that will generate much needed dialogue.